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Learn Why Blue Weddings Are Taking The Bridal World By Storm by Andrea Korin

Blue is one of the most selected colors in the wedding industry. A hint of it can be seen in every bride as wearing “something blue”. There is something in blue that appeals to most people, it is a very calming color and gives tranquility at the same time. The vast shades of blue can be paired with any color in any occasion and it is a dream come true for most event / wedding planners.

Using a color palette in your wedding will give what atmosphere you wish to portray to your guests. The following color schemes will give you great ideas on how to create your own blue palette and make your wedding day the most cheerful and elegant wedding.

Blue on blue – it is a monochromatic color palette using different shades of blue ranging from sky blue, navy blue, azure blue, turquoise to ultramarine blue that can create a cool and serene ambiance. This color palette is best use for your beach or destination wedding, as it blends well with the ocean surrounding your wedding. It is also a good palette for your palace theme wedding.

Blue and pink – a romantic and feminine like color palette. The calmness of blue combines with the softness of pink resulting in a romantic color combination.

Blue, silver and white – this trio is the best choice for a winter wonderland theme wedding. The crispness of blue gives color to the snowy environment outside and the silver color adds a whimsical effect on the decors.

Blue, red and white – a color combination that reflects the celebration of 4th of July! It has a feeling of being patriotic. A lovely arrangement of these colors can actually make you feel like greeting your new life with sense of freedom.

Navy Blue, Light Blue and pastel yellow – a summer wedding in a country style. Creating this Navy Blue, Light Blue and pastel yellow – a summer wedding in a country style. Creating this palette gives you a twist of having a country atmosphere and old fashioned style. A color palette that is not too loud and infused with a vintage feel. A subtle summer color palette.

Aqua Blue, light green and chartreuse – a color palette perfect for a garden wedding. It is the best color palette for a spring wedding as it looks like your wedding shares the blooming season. The pop of color light up the celebration and it will definitely give your wedding a cheerful note.

Blue, Navy Blue, Green and chartreuse – a peacock wedding theme! This color combination gives out the elegant and lovely colors of the peacock feather. You can use the different color all over your wedding, and makes it the best example of a peacock wedding, and exaggerate everything by accentuating it with a faux peacock feather.

About The Author

Andrea Korin is the owner of the creative theme wedding ideas website, where brides get the help, tips and ideas to plan the perfect theme wedding. See hundreds of theme wedding ideas for an original event or learn more , see pictures and get inspired with different weddings by colors.

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