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Ten Tips When Ordering Your Party Favors

1- Try to incorporate your favors into your party theme.
For example if you are having a Diamond Theme wedding, try favors with rhinestone accents.If you are having a Beach Theme celebration, try favors such as a tropical drink mixes. Inspired a Tiffany theme? Aqua blue and white with a touch of sparkle is perfect!

2- Mix and match your favor colors to coordinate with your color scheme for a stunning display. You will add an extra decor element to your tables without the extra cost.
Here’s one example – if your colors are pink, black and white, try ordering pink boxes with white bows and black rhinestone accents mixed with white boxes with pink bows and black rhinestone accents.Fill with alternating coordinating colored candies.

3- Your favors should be a reflection of you and should celebrate your personality. Select either colors you love, an activity you love or a city or place that holds special memories for you.

4- A general rule of thumb when counting the number of favors to order is: order one favor per single guest and one favor per couple attending your event. When incorporating our favor boxes into your table decor, we recommend one per place setting or one in between each couple’s place setting. Having a candy buffet? Please allow one bag per person.

5- If you are having children and adults attending your celebration, try ordering two types of age appropriate favors. Children will love candies, coloring book sets or a small activity to keep them occupied while the adults will prefer a gift such as a coaster sets or truffles.

6- When ordering a monogram on your favors the first initial of the first name is placed on the left, the first initial of the last name is placed in the middle, and the first initial of the middle name is placed on the right. For weddings, the brides first initial is placed on the left, the first initial of the new last name is placed in the center and the first initial of the grooms first name is placed on the left.

7- If you are ordering personalized favors always double and triple check your order for spelling errors to prevent your favors from being printed with the incorrect celebration date or name. A simple typo unchecked can create delays and unnecessary extra costs with the entire order.

9- Always make sure you order enough favors for your guests. It is better to over order than to place a an additional rush order later for additional pieces. Dye lots may differ and you will incur additional shipping charges and perhaps a rush fee.

10- Have left over favors from your celebration?
If you are giving edible favors, why not donate them to a charity or a food bank? Your clergy from your ceremony or wait staff from your reception would also appreciate token of your thanks. Extra favors are perfect to have on hand for future hostess gifts,last minute holiday gifts or welcome gifts.

Author Jacqueline Oddo is the Owner and Head Designer at This article is available for reprint with author’s bio included.


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A Celebration of Times Past: Planning a Vintage Wedding by Cherie Johnson

In 1840, the pageantry of the American wedding took off, thanks to England’s Queen Victoria, who quickly captivated onlookers around the world. She had thrown one of the most elaborate weddings the world had ever seen up to that time, and it was only natural for her contemporaries to emulate her. Weddings soon became events for everyone to enjoy and were no longer limited to just the couple and their families. They were extravagant celebrations of love, life, and happiness.

Before Victoria, weddings were simpler affairs. The sweet strains of Lohengrin were soon overpowered by DJs and bands, and beautiful, handmade nose-gays were eclipsed by bursting, colorful bouquets, among other things. For today’s bride, toning down what’s already an over-the-top affair is made appealing with the resurgence of the vintage wedding, a nod to nuptials of the past. Yet, there are multiple avenues to take when considering a vintage wedding theme; fortunately, there are also countless websites and books devoted to the subject.

As with anything, you can take inspiration from the past and carefully intertwine it with modern ambience to create a blend of old and new, or you can host a blowout vintage wedding bash that replicates the past to a T. The choices are endless!

Refining the Vintage Wedding Theme

Dress/Accessories: Finding the perfect dress is the goal of every bride. For those hoping to wear a vintage wedding gown to their ceremony, the search can be somewhat more complicated. If you live in large metropolitan city, there are likely quite a few vintage clothing or consignment stores that you can check out. Online browsing/shopping is always a good alternative, and if you do purchase anything, your local tailor can easily handle most alteration needs.

You can also opt for modern wedding dresses that have vintage vibes, such as mermaid or trumpet styles. Though, of course, when the elegant Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier in 1956, she chose a beautiful, full-skirted gown in ivory. The point here is to stick with flowing, high quality fabrics and classic embellishments that keep with the vintage wedding theme.

As far as shoes, jewelry, and veils, many of these items are also available online, either in their original vintage form or as modern reproductions. Your mother or grandmother may even have some pieces lying around that you can use to round out the vintage wedding theme.

Music: Undoubtedly, there are bands in your area that specialize in old-time hits or, at the very least, jazz standards. Some larger cities might even have mock big bands that can perform at your reception. There are a couple ways you can go about this: consider having the band greet guests on the lawn, in the style of an old garden party, or create a faux bandstand at the front of the reception venue to feature the band in all its glory.

To get guests excited about the wedding theme, before the band comes on, have a victrola or phonograph that you’ve rented or purchased piping music throughout the reception venue. It will set the stage for the coming attractions!

Food: Weddings in the past have traditionally been sit-down dinners, though you don’t have to follow this when planning a vintage wedding. Offerings weren’t nearly as diversified as today, and the usual fare consisted of various meats, salads, and fruits. Occasionally, brides also held pot-lucks, a way to get everyone involved in the festivities.

Selecting your menu can certainly play off these more traditional choices, but you can also mix and match. Pair old favorites with some new choices, and be creative! In terms of the cake, the flavor of choice was always buttercream. Obviously, white cake is still the reigning champ of wedding cakes, but if you decide to go with chocolate, red velvet, or the like, you can have your cake decorated with vintage flair – pearls, beads, feathers, lace, and other trimmings that meld with your wedding theme.

Pictures: As with your music, finding a photographer who specializes in snapping pictures with an ‘old-timey’ feel is not necessarily vital, but a consideration in your search. Certainly, the photographer can take pictures as usual, and revise certain elements when he’s back at his studio. Perhaps you’d like black and white or sepia-toned pictures – that’s doable. Maybe you want a crackled finish – sure. Get to know your photographer and his capabilities! Look at portfolios before hiring anyone, and you’re sure to find a photographer who can carry out your wishes for great ‘vintage’ wedding pictures.

Lighting: The right light is important for any wedding! Regardless of the time of day your reception takes place, the lighting you choose should foster both warmth and invitation. Elaborate chandeliers, candles housed in extravagant candelabras, and other sources of ambient light are ideal for a vintage wedding theme.

Warm up reception tables with centerpieces surrounded by candles, or purchase multiple mini-chandeliers and hang them around the appetizer tables, gift tables, or in the bathrooms. Milk-glass lanterns/lamps were also a popular choice of lighting; they provide a soft glow that’s unequaled.

A New Take on the Classics

A vintage wedding theme allows you and your guests to re-discover the beauty and elegance of the past. However you choose to incorporate these elements into your vintage wedding, just remember — have fun! From birdcage veils and quaint petit-fours to jazz standards and a 1940s getaway vehicle, there are multiple ways to make the ceremony and reception unique to you. Plus, a vintage wedding theme can be a lot of fun for everyone involved! They’re a great way to re-invent the past, learn a little history, and infuse your ceremony and reception with some wonderful, old-fashioned glamour.

About Cherie Johnson
Cherie Johnson is the founder and owner of Creative Wedding Favors, a one-stop shop for personalized, unique baby and bridal shower, graduation, quinceañera, anniversary, and wedding favors, helping countless couples and families make their big events a success. Cherie’s wedding advice has appeared on several websites including Little Wedding Guide, Wedding Lenox, and The Wedding Source. Before she launched her company in 2006, Cherie worked as a professional wedding photographer, capturing the most special moments of the bride and groom’s big day. For more information on Creative Wedding Favors or to find a variety of colorful, customizable gifts and favors, please visit

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Ten Tips for having a Smart Marriage from the Smart Marriages Conferences

1. Marriage matters. Married people & their kids do better on all measures of health, wealth, happiness, & success. And, married folks report having more & better sex than single or divorced people.

2. It’s not the differences but how we handle them that separate successful marriages from the failures. Disagreeing doesn’t predict divorce. Stonewalling, avoidance, contempt, criticism, and the silent treatment predict divorce. Learn how to disagree in ways that help you fall more in love.

3. All happily married couples have approximately ten irreconcilable differences – ten issues they will never resolve. If we switch partners, we just get ten new issues that are likely to be even more annoying and complicated. Sadly, if there are children from an earlier marriage or relationship, disagreements about them go to the top of the list. What’s important is to discuss our own set of issues just as we would discuss how to manage living with a chronic bad back or trick knee. We wish they weren’t there, but what’s important is to keep talking about how to manage them and still do the marriage “dance”.

4. Love is not an absolute (a yes or no situation) and it’s not limited substance. It’s a feeling and feelings ebb and flow depending on how we treat each other. We can learn new ways to interact and the feelings “of being in love” can come flowing back, often stronger than before.

5. Marital satisfaction often dips with the birth of a baby. That’s normal. Marital satisfaction is at its lowest when there are kids in the house between 11 and 16. That’s normal. We need to know what to expect, appreciate our parenting partner – and hang in. It makes good sense to stay married for the sake of the kids – and for our own sake. Even with the challenges, it’s a lot easier to be a parenting team than to be a single, divorced, or remarried parent. Plus there is a silver lining: satisfaction goes back up with the empty nest. The final stage of marriage – with a job well done – is the real honeymoon period.

6. Sex ebbs and flows. It comes and goes. That’s normal. Plan for & make time for more “flows”.

7. Creating good marital sex is not about putting the sizzle BACK INTO your sex life. Early marital sex is sex between strangers – we don’t yet know our partner or ourselves. The most passionate sex is intimate sex based on knowing our partner and letting them know us. One of the most important tasks of marriage is to develop a satisfying marital sex style. It’s not about going BACK; it’s about going FORWARD, together.

8. Repair attempts are crucial and are highly predictive of marital happiness. They can be clumsy or funny, even sarcastic, but the willingness to make up after an argument, is central to every happy marriage.

9. Learn to welcome, embrace and integrate change
– to discuss and update your wishes, hopes & dreams – on a regular basis. We often “interview” each other before marriage and then think “that’s it.” The marriage vow is a promise to stay married, not to stay the same. (Thank goodness!) Keep up-to-date with changes in your partner. Don’t fear changes, celebrate them!

10. Try several different marriage education courses.
Become informed consumers – rate the courses, discuss what you liked best – which ideas were most helpful. Decide which courses to recommend to your kids, friends and family – which to give as wedding, anniversary and new baby gifts. The courses don’t tell you what kind of marriage to have. That’s up to you. They give you the tools – the hammers, screwdrivers, and levels – so you can build the kind of marriage that suits you, one which can help you to negotiate, and renegotiate, your own values, meaning, and goals.

Find a class at Strengthen your own marriage and/or learn how to become a Marriage Educator and teach the courses in your community.

Diane Sollee, founder director,®
Copyright® CMFCE


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Learn Why Blue Weddings Are Taking The Bridal World By Storm by Andrea Korin

Blue is one of the most selected colors in the wedding industry. A hint of it can be seen in every bride as wearing “something blue”. There is something in blue that appeals to most people, it is a very calming color and gives tranquility at the same time. The vast shades of blue can be paired with any color in any occasion and it is a dream come true for most event / wedding planners.

Using a color palette in your wedding will give what atmosphere you wish to portray to your guests. The following color schemes will give you great ideas on how to create your own blue palette and make your wedding day the most cheerful and elegant wedding.

Blue on blue – it is a monochromatic color palette using different shades of blue ranging from sky blue, navy blue, azure blue, turquoise to ultramarine blue that can create a cool and serene ambiance. This color palette is best use for your beach or destination wedding, as it blends well with the ocean surrounding your wedding. It is also a good palette for your palace theme wedding.

Blue and pink – a romantic and feminine like color palette. The calmness of blue combines with the softness of pink resulting in a romantic color combination.

Blue, silver and white – this trio is the best choice for a winter wonderland theme wedding. The crispness of blue gives color to the snowy environment outside and the silver color adds a whimsical effect on the decors.

Blue, red and white – a color combination that reflects the celebration of 4th of July! It has a feeling of being patriotic. A lovely arrangement of these colors can actually make you feel like greeting your new life with sense of freedom.

Navy Blue, Light Blue and pastel yellow – a summer wedding in a country style. Creating this Navy Blue, Light Blue and pastel yellow – a summer wedding in a country style. Creating this palette gives you a twist of having a country atmosphere and old fashioned style. A color palette that is not too loud and infused with a vintage feel. A subtle summer color palette.

Aqua Blue, light green and chartreuse – a color palette perfect for a garden wedding. It is the best color palette for a spring wedding as it looks like your wedding shares the blooming season. The pop of color light up the celebration and it will definitely give your wedding a cheerful note.

Blue, Navy Blue, Green and chartreuse – a peacock wedding theme! This color combination gives out the elegant and lovely colors of the peacock feather. You can use the different color all over your wedding, and makes it the best example of a peacock wedding, and exaggerate everything by accentuating it with a faux peacock feather.

About The Author

Andrea Korin is the owner of the creative theme wedding ideas website, where brides get the help, tips and ideas to plan the perfect theme wedding. See hundreds of theme wedding ideas for an original event or learn more , see pictures and get inspired with different weddings by colors.

The author invites you to visit

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